Welcome to a new flavor you may not have tried yet: lemon Caesar salad dressing. This creamy dressing’s taste is crafted with a delicious, bright balance of lemon and classic elements. It is blended for lightness and thinness so it’s easy to toss. This recipe (created by a San Francisco foodie chef) includes the fun punch of more lemon citrus flavor for that great citrusy, creamy taste experience you’ll love. Made and bottled in the SF Bay Area. National sales. Local. San Francisco. Oakland. San Jose. CA. California. Shop and buy online now.



Salmon Lavash Wraps

— Featuring Virginia’s Lemon Caesar Dressing —


½ head romaine lettuce, cleaned and chopped
2 cups diced chicken or salmon (leftovers are perfect)
½ cup Virginia's Perfect Croutons, crunched up
½ cup Virginia's Real Caesar or Lemon Caesar Dressing
4 wraps (lavash, flour tortilla, or pita)


Toss all ingredients together and divide evenly on wraps.

Roll and enjoy!

Serves 4.